SIC F 14.0 x 30.0 GC

2.399,00  1.999,00  inkl. 19% MwSt.


14.0 x 30.0
Volumen 298 L
Gewicht 15,8 kg (+/- 10%)


GC) Glass Composite construction with wood reinforced deck for the best strength to weight and flex characteristics. The board comes equipped with croc skin EVA deck pad, 12K carbon Weedless 8.3” fin, Leash plug, Gore-Tex breather valve, and surf leash plug
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The F 14.0 offers more volume and stability without sacrificing performance. The wider mid-point and widened tail enables the paddlers to put power behind their stroke and mitigate power loss often associated with rail-to-rail instability. The rocker profile is de- rived from the new Bullet 14.0 V2, which makes the board quick to plane and prolongs the glide. The F 14.0 was designed for the larger bodied paddler who is looking for more stability. It’s multi-purpose fitness, down-winding and touring hull design makes this board a crowd pleaser. Make no mistake, if you want to feel confident and secure in all conditions, the F 14.0 will give you confidence in the open water like no other.


The F 11.0, 12.0 and 14.0 are perfect for paddling the harbor, out to the open ocean for some bumps and then back to the beach break for some fun down the line action. The F series is inspired by the Bullets but are offered in wider widths for larger paddlers who want to enjoy the glide with unprecedented stability. If you are looking to get into downwind paddling or just looking for a great board to get a workout then the F series will give you the confidence to go beyond your comfort zone.