2.599,00  1.999,00  inkl. 19% MwSt.


14.0 x 30.0
Volumen 349 L
Gewicht 17 kg (+/- 10%)


GCI) Glass Composite InnegraTM Construction with wood reinforced deck, croc skin EVA deck pad, F.A.S.T. steering / 3K carbon dagger fin 8.0” Bungee cords on the bow and tailv


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When SIC Maui set out to make the ultimate “Outfitter’s” touring board they knew that they had to do it differently. SIC Maui focused on a board that was stable and efficient. They realized that adventure means many things to different people, so the concept of a board that was specialized for fishing or white water just was not going to work. SIC Maui focused on the simplicity of design and the ability to outfit your board as needed. They considered how a board would paddle under load and the width needed to support a higher center of gravity with gear strapped to the board. They knew that F.A.S.T. steering is probably the most important accessory to bring with you on a touring trip. SIC Maui knew that outfitting for adventure can be complex which is why they kept it simple.

The FX is quickly becoming a crowd pleaser given its enhanced stability, speed and glide. It features a ground breaking, crossover hull design that excels in variable water and race conditions. We have designed a more voluminous and bulbous nose with an accelerated nose rocker to mitigate purling. The tail of the FX is slightly wider and rails are more full to encourage stability in bumpier conditions.