ONE Edge 3.0 – 14 x 27.5 – Elite

2.990,00  inkl. 19% MwSt.


14 x 27.5 @ 306 L

Gewicht unseres Testboards 11.6 kg



Welcome to the 3rd generation of the Edge series of boards. While the original Edge 1.0 boards might have started of as mostly a flatwater board the edge over the years has transformed in to far more.

The Edge 3.0 is a speed machine that has a very similar glide as the Edge pro 2.0(many say the fastest flatwater board ever built) but keeps a semi flat deck feel in the the board so that the Edge 3.0 can surf waves and turn on a dime.

We have made the Edge 3.0 a board that is super stable with a slight single concave under the standing area that runs through to a pin tail release but with our famous square tail feel.

If you are wanting a fast board in the flat that can handle the waves and some ocean work as well while still having a board that will turn with ease then this might just be the board you have been looking for.