ONE Edge Pro 2.0 – 14 x 23.5 – Hollow Elite

3.490,00  inkl. 19% MwSt.


14 x 23.5 @ 269.3 L

Gewicht unseres Testboard 10.6 kg

das Top Flatwater Raceboard von ONE SUP in Carbon Hohlbauweise ohne Schaumkern



Something very new is here! EDGE PRO 2.0, a board that will glide with crazy ease, turn like a dream and still handle everyday conditions. The Edge pro 2.0 is built for flat water but don't be fooled, because if you are good enough this board will take you far beyond your flat water dreams.

THE NOSE: The EDGE PRO 2.0 has a full cutting nose that is designed to split the water and give the least amount of resistance possible. The nose volume is quite high as this allows the board to also be used in small to mild choppy waters and making sure that even if the nose does push under water that it will pop right back up while never slowing down.

THE MID SECTION: As the water passes from the nose into the mid section of the board the under side runs into a nice single concave which helps give the rider as much of a stable platform as possible while standing and putting in the power strokes. The standing position is as low as we can possibly which helps lower the center of gravity to its optimal height. The EDGE PRO 2.0 runs four venture drains which allow for any water taken in to standing area to be quickly drained out in as short as time possible.

THE REAR END(Tail): As we move from the mid section and towards the tail the bottom shape flows from the single concave in to a nice round super efficient bottom. This then runs in to a perfect pin tail for the best possible release. The EDGE PRO 2.0 gives the feeling of effortless glide that you normally only feel on a Ski or OC1.

Having this amazing feeling board is useless if you can not turn and this is where the EDGE PRO 2.0 differs from every other board on the market. The wings on the Edge pro 2.0 are something that only comes in to play when you step back on the board to turn or if you roll the board hard onto its side. As you step back the tail will sink and this then engages the wings which help give the board a very stable platform to help with turning they also supply very good secondary stability and this making the Edge pro 2.0 something more than just a flatwater board!

On the deck side as we head towards the tail area you will find that it ramps up from the standing area quite quickly, this is to make sure that when you step back to kick turn that no water comes over the tail and fills the standing area up.


The EDGE PRO 2.0 is a board that is built for speed, it is a board that has unmatched glide and the longer the paddle goes for the better it gets. The EDGE PRO 2.0 is unique to the market with a lot of features that you will not find in other boards everything has been well thought out and its a board that has a very high performance level and a finished quality that you deserve and should expect.

The EDGE PRO 2.0 is much more though than just a flatwater board and if your skill level is up to it then this board will be one of the fastest upwind and downwind board ever in small to mild bumps