ONE Evo Pro 2.0 – 14 x 24 – Dynamic

2.690,00  inkl. 19% MwSt.

14 x 24 @ 291,3 L

Gewicht unseres Testboards 12.7 kg

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The ever versatile Dugout “EVO PRO 2.0”, the All Round Dugout

The EVO PRO 2.0 is your one board quiver, a board that loves the flat water as much as it loves the ocean.

With the full Dugout standing area to help with Stability and water flow, it also allows for ONE’s sups unique volume placement. The EVO PRO 2.0 will take your paddling to that next level that you have been chasing. With the EVO pro 2.0 now running a single concave through the mid section you will find a very stable board for its sizes, the tail now runs back into a finer pin which has helped increase its up and down wind ability’s.

Volume has be tweaked to give a even better more well balanced ride

If you are chasing versatility with a board and only want that one board then the EVO PRO 2.0 is that perfect board for you, it’s a board that can handle a bit of everything and is still fast enough it can preform at the very top level. It is designed to help make paddling life easy which we hope can take your paddling to the next level you have been looking for.

Full Carbon Standard – This is our work horse construction, giving amazing strength to weight ratio.

Hollow Elite and Hollow GT – If you are after nothing but the best then you can not go past hollow. With crazy light weights while still offering the durability you want and deserve when buying a board like this. The hollow construction allows for a very different ride and takes what is already a amazing board to the next level. We have Hollow Elite which is super lightweight and Hollow GT with is our new Glass Technology.