ONE Foil Allround Recessed Deck 5.10 x 27.5 @ 107 L / Dynamic

499,00  inkl. 19% MwSt.


5.10 x 27.5 x 4.3 @ 107 L

unser Dynamic Ausstellungsboard wiegt 6.7 kg

Twin US box for track mount

Full ledge handle

Microdots and diamond, premium deck pad

Dynamic – Full Glass Full PVC sandwich




We have the recessed deck line up which consists of two sizes 5’10 x 27.5 x 107L and 6’5 x 29 x 127L. These boards have many new features that make Wind Winging and SUP foiling even more fun and easier to do.

RECESSED DECK: we have recessed the deck on these boards to help lower your centre of gravity giving a better balance point and a better feel for the water. The recessed deck also gives a far better feel through the board to the foil this allowing the rider to feel better connected to what is happening under the board. With the recessed deck, this also allows us to run thicker rails which stops the water coming over when pushing to pump up on the foil all making for a better board release from the water.

CONSTRUCTION: Full carbon full PVC sandwich(elite) or non-carbon full PVC sandwich(Dynamic), both construction are crazy light (some of the lightest in the market) and also what we believe to be the strongest on the market. If you are after a board that you want to last but also not sacrifice the strength then our moulded Sandwich boards are for you.

BOTTOM SHAPE: We run a pretty heavy rail bevel with a soft edge into a flat bottom, our progressive rocker is perfect for those hard touchdowns and just helps the board skim straight back up. Everything about this board is designed to make getting up and as easy as possible and then once up, making sure you stay there. We also feature the tail kick which is set at the perfect angle.

5’10 x 27.5 x 107L: Short, stable and super agile!! This little pocket rocket is a board for those wanting the shorter pump ability but also keep the stable platform needed to get good strong paddle strokes in.