ONE Unlimited 17.11 x 26 UltraLight

4.690,00  inkl. 19% MwSt.


17.11 x 26 @ 386 L







Welcome To The Deep Think Tank Of ONE!!

The think tank of ONE you may ask? but this is where the ideas really come into play, the playing field with the unlimited boards is where guys like Ben Tardrew come to life and really get to express the inner creative thoughts that is some cases the size of other boards might hold back.


17’11 x 23” @341L

17’11 x 24” @356L

17’11 x 25” @371L

17’11 x 26” @386L

Already known for making some of the best unlimited boards in the world and so good other well know sponsored riders still choose ONE’s when it really matters.

Understanding how these boards work is not something that happens over night and these are not something you can just go down to your local cheap SUP shop and get, hours and hours have gone into every single board and from this we now have a amazing production range in the unlimited field but this is only part of the fun and if you are going to the unlimited world and want to personalize your very own unlimited board for the areas you paddle then this is something we want to do with you!

The custom process has been a huge part of the ONE business and working the unlimited boards into this has been a massive goal of our and now its made super easy from start to finish.

If you want to look at the unlimited range production or custom then get in contact with your local dealer, importer or just send us a message and we will all be able to help you out and make all your board porn dreams come true!!

All rudders systems have been made to suit ONE’s boards and made on the principle of KISS(keep it stupidly simple). All cables are run above the deck so you can always see whats going on, all parts are readily available and should be easy to find in most places around the world if for some reason you do have something go wrong.


17’7 x 24” @360L

17’7 x 25” @375L

17’7 x 26” @379L

All rudders are super simple to adjust and all unlimited boards come with a lock off pin in the case something goes wrong out on the water making it super easy to lock your rudder straight and then just paddle home with a fixed fin.