SIC Bullet 17.4 x 26.6 DCC+Fast

3.699,00  inkl. 19% MwSt.


17.4 x 26.6
Volume 370 L
Gewicht 16,6 kg (+/- 10%)


Die gezeigten STS Deck Bags 12 L + 24 L sind eine ideale Option für Hardboards ohne Gepäcknetz. STS Deck Bags werden inkl. der nötigen 3 Klebepunkte geliefert und sind wasserdicht, wir benutzen sie seit Jahren und sind rundum zufrieden. Das 12 L Deck Bag hat ausreichend Platz, wir benutzen es in der warmen Zeit. Das 24 L Deck Bag hat reichlich Platz, wir benutzen es im Winter (extra Jacke für die Pause…) oder bei langen Touren



(DCC) Double Carbon Composite + InnegraTM – full wrap biaxial carbon with InnegraTM tip, rail and tail reinforcement, PVC reinforced deck, crock skin EVA deck pad, 12K carbon Weedless Fin, Gore-Tex breather valve, EZ-Grab handle, multiple leash attachment options, comes stock with F.A.S.T. with 3K carbon Dagger fin, U.S. finbox compatible.




The Bullet 17 is the fastest open water board on the planet bar none. It is THE must have board for any open-water elite racer who wants to strike the podium or takes their gliding seriously. This downwind missile has a narrower outline and more gradual rocker, which keeps you in the energy zone of the swell, maintains the highest average speed, and can maneuver quickly to catch bumps from any direction. Its Panel-V tail design keeps the nose elevated in the troughs and in the chop. Only available with SIC’s original FAST (Foot Actuated Steering Technology).


The Bullet Series has become an icon not only for its open water prowess and downwind superiority; these boards have gained a huge following from paddlers who love cruising, touring, fitness and even mixing in a bit of surf. Stable, fun, fast and incredibly versatile the Bullet can literally do it all. The Bullet has won numerous awards for its overall performance and versatile fun. While the Bullet series is often imitated it has never been successfully duplicated.


The Bullet features a flat bottom (planing hull), which gives the board a very stable platform rail-to-rail and smooth glide through the water. The overall rocker line makes the board perform very well in a variety of conditions planing over chop and down swells, as well as enabling rail-to-rail steering when on glide. The high volume in the rails provides unprecedented stability in wind or boat chop and helps the board have a get-up-and-go feeling. The decking of the board features a lightly contoured shape for increased control, minimizes foot cramping and encourages water drainage. Offered in TWC (Tough Wood Carbon), SCC+ (Single Carbon Composite + InnegraTM), DCC (Double Carbon Composite – 17+ ft only) basically the same shape in a high performance carbon or durable glass carbon option. The Bullet 17.4 comes complete with EZ-Grab handle and F.A.S.T. (Foot Actuated Steering Technology) with 3K carbon Dagger rudder