SIC Triton 8.2 x 28.0 GCC

699,00  inkl. 16% MwSt.


8.2 x 28.0
Volumen 118 L
Gewicht 8,3 Kg (+/- 10 %)


GCC) Glass composite and wood sandwich construction with carbon reinforced stringer and stand- ing area. Commingled carbon and Innegra(tm) rail wrap. Diamond grooved deck pad and 4 piece kick pad. Five FCS 2 fin boxes compatible with FCS 2 and FCS fusion fins, and comes with 12K Carbon Three/Four fin set. Can be set up as a quad or thruster. Gore-Tex breather valve, Ergo undercut handle and double leash plugs


Paddling in heavy surf conditions means trusting your equipment and being one with your board. The Triton Performance Surf model is conceived during one of the heaviest winters on Maui. Our proto was put through the paces in some of the most critical of conditions. The goal was always to push harder on R and D to come up with a shape and outline specific to performance surfing. The outcome is something we could not be more proud of, something as sexy as it is functional.

The Triton feature our GCC (Glass Carbon Composite) construction. We have reinforced these glass and wood sandwich constructions with carbon in the standing area and in a stringer on the bottom of the board. We have also reinforced the rail with a commingled carbon and Innegra TM layer to protect against paddle blade impact. This lightweight board is built to withstand the punishment of pounding surf and remain responsive over the life of the board. The nose is more pulled in than the Feelgood and Agent boards to help hold a line on steeper faces. The single to double concave finishes with a five fin setup using FCS II fin boxes so that you can surf it either as a thruster or quad. The rounded pin tail means fast rail to rail performance on steep faces. Our new deck pads feature a four piece, custom EVA kick pad to keep you locked into your board and driving through your turns.