SIC X 12.6 x 26.0 PRO SCC

1.299,00  inkl. 19% MwSt.


12.6 x 26.0
Volumen 229 L
Gewicht 9,0 kg gewogen

wirklich schnelles 12.6 Carbon Board, inkl. Carbon Finne SIC Weedless 7.0, inkl. Race Handle

ideal für leichtere Paddler(innen) die Wert auf Performance legen

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Standard features include EZ-Grab + Removable Race Handle and 12k Carbon Weedless 7.0” fin


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SIC has taken feedback from some of the best paddlers in the world and mold- ed it into the X Pro Series boards. If you paddle in glassy lakes or sheltered bays, then this electrifying board will be stable enough for most advanced paddlers who have good balance. Keep in mind that conditions are rarely flat, smooth or glassy, especially in a race or if you are trailing the pack. Elite pad- dlers have exceptional balance and can handle narrower boards in an effort to maximize their turning agility, acceleration and top-end speed. The SIC team is no exception and they have been winning races around the globe on these boards. Grab yourself a board and paddle like a pro. You will then understand a part of their secret.